How To Get Traffic To Your Website Fast: Using Traffic Ivy

how to get traffic to your website fast

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There are now automated tools that can help you get quick traffic to your website if you're looking for how to get traffic to your website fast.

In this post I'm going to show you one of them…

Starting an online business seems like the first choice among freelancers and newbie entrepreneurs. You don't need a huge investment and can start making money relatively quickly.

Mixed Positive and negative online reviews trick you to believe that you can earn whopping amounts though your gut feeling says otherwise.

The problem starts when you actually take that leap of faith and decide to start your online business. You slowly realized that driving traffic to the website is tougher than you thought.

What is more challenging is the fact that traffic does not necessarily transcend to business. Your business can only grow when you have quality traffic from a targeted audience with high on-demand products and services.

For bloggers you need targeted audience to your blog to enable you make profits and that is what Traffic Ivy can do for you.

So What is Traffic Ivy?

Traffic Ivy is a new-age SaaS company that strives to provide an online platform for bloggers, website owners, affiliate marketers, vloggers, and digital marketing agencies. The company focuses more on its business model of helping each other out rather than driving bot-generated traffic.

It acts as a community where a blogger can share affiliate marketers listings and vice-versa. Hence, high-quality leads and prospects visit your site which leaves you with more probability of generating sales.

Who Is The Creator Of Traffic Ivy?

Traffic Ivy Cindy DonovanTraffic Ivy is the brainchild of Cindy Donovan. She was a marketer for 15 years when low-quality traffic into her website irked her.

She channeled her frustration into trying to develop a software product that could help other marketers like her to generate better quality traffic and higher sales.

The key here was how everyone involved will get mutually benefited from each other's personal and professional network. Today, the product is well-known as Traffic Ivy.

How To Get Traffic To Your Website Fast Using Traffic Ivy

Here are three reasons why Traffic Ivy worked for me and definitely can work for you as well.

1. Ease of use: Traffic Ivy is built for social media marketers, affiliate marketers, video marketers, e-commerce marketers and bloggers to enable them better web traffic and consequently better sales.

You might think that the product is targeted to people who have a thorough understanding of digital marketing. But you will be surprised to experience the ease with which you can get your first campaign running in virtually no time.

The analytics dashboard is also fairly easy to comprehend with graphs and charts. Just login to your dashboard and click on y Traffic Campaigns' to get started.

2. Community Driven Rating System: Traffic Ivy hates spams and spammers. To keep the platform relevant for all marketers, there is a rating system in place.

The rating system has features like share filtration. Through this you are in complete control of who shares your content and you have the reins in your hand to disallow certain people or people from certain countries to share your content.

The company is focused and committed to driving only high-quality traffic to your blog or social media channels. Quality wins over quantity in any field and digital marketing is no different.

3. IM Mastery Training: Traffic Ivy's understanding of its user is impeccable and sound. The company understands that despite the high level of ease, newbies might have a hard to figure out how to use the tool effectively.

To effectively solve this issue, the tool comes with video tutorials, pdf resources with over 30 training modules to understand marketing in general and move into deeper concepts of Digital Marketing before learning to use the tool effectively.

Traffic Ivy Review

Can Traffic Ivy help You Get More Traffic For Your Business?

If you are social media marketers, affiliate marketers, video marketers, e-commerce marketers, website owner or local marketer then yes.

Traffic Ivy is certainly a tool that can help you gain business through a community-building business model for anyone looking for how to get traffic on your blog.

The key here though is that you have to first build a product/service/content that people want to buy and is of some value to them. No amount of investment can replace this key element in building a successful business. Click here to try Traffic Ivy.


  • The newbie friendly campaign creator gets your campaigns up and running in minimum steps.
  • 100{8ac90d9842020ab00c38775c8c8f7147639d219b720ba7701db74fc876b50c13} real traffic generated from organic shares of each user makes it more optimized for conversions.
  • High quality backlinks from high domain authority sites improves your SEO and credibility.
  • Your website traffic is trackable and you can know which post and from which source you get maximum hits.
  • Hassle-free one-click connection to your WordPress blog that supports auto-sharing.


  • Payment will depend on the target audience and demographics.
  • Not suitable for aggressive link building.
  • Not effective if your own product/service is not up to the mark.

Here's How Traffic Ivy Can Get You More Traffic:

Watch The Video Demo Below

Do I Recommend Traffic Ivy?

Traffic Ivy is a rare online marketing SaaS tool that does not promise you a fortune in just ten minutes of daily usage to increase subscriptions. It also provides an assured 30-days money-back guarantee if you find it unworthy.

Traffic Ivy can definitely take care of your traffic problem if you don't have money for paid traffic to your websites or blog like other big bloggers or marketers.

It will definitely get you quick and steady traffic to your website if you're looking for how to get traffic to your website fast or how to increase blog traffic fast.

So if you're just starting out with blog or website and looking for how to get traffic to your blog then I strongly recommend you give Traffic Ivy a try.

To add to that, the robust traffic-driving process automatically takes care of higher conversion rate. Click here to try Traffic Ivy.

Please share this post with friends if you find it helpful. Much appreciated.

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